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Athletic Artist Training offers 4 ways to Learn.

Method 1

Precision Timing Learning Practices

Method 2

Traditional, Discipline Specific, Group Instruction

Method 3

Private Instruction

Method 4



Le Studio originally built its reputation during the 1990's as a premier ballet school. Youth of all ages and their dedicated teachers sustained a wonderful spirit of excellence. Athletic Artist Training intends to re-establish that spirit at today's Le Studio facility.

The Teaching Facility

If you haven't visited the Le Studio facility recently, you wouldn't recognize "today's" Le Studio. Since 4/1/13 we've embarked on a massive refurbishment effort. We've installed the finest audio technology available for dance instruction; and we've constructed 2 (side by side) motion analysis studios. We've refurbished our sprung floors and redesigned our lobby space. In short, we've done everything possible to build a modern dance training facility that enhances our students' learning enjoyment and accelerates students’ dance education.

Training Curriculums

Le Studio instructors teach ballet, jazz, hip hop, stretch and fitness, acrobatics, tap, modern, improvisation, and contemporary dance.

More recently, the Le Studio Facility has distinguished itself as a premier training center for competitive dancers performing solos, performing with partners and or performing as members of larger (production) teams.

Via specific dance education programs, Le Studio couples traditional, group based learning with science and technology based teaching methods, using our new motion analysis studios.The teaching methods deployed within the studios are intended to dramatically refine each dancer’s balance (coordination) and “dance to music” timing, the foundations of great dancing. Students of all ages are welcome.

Learning Methods

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Method 1 Precision Timing Learning Practices

PRECISION timing is everything to the teachers at Athletic Artist Training; because a large proportion of our students aspire to integrate precision acrobatics into their portfolio of skills.  Precision timing (skill) can become a vehicle for superior (dancer) balance. 

If acrobatic art and dance art are NOT blended via both artistic technique and exquisite timing, the motion models of dance and acrobatics can “clash;” resulting in gaudy (disjointed) display of talent in place of an elegant choreography.

“Precision” timing doesn’t come easy, to any single dancer; and it is extremely challenging to EFFICIENTLY hone “precision” timing skills when learning in a “group” (class) environment.  That’s why Athletic Artist Training had to develop a special array of teaching techniques; and then supplement those techniques with exotic training technology; to “FOCUS -ON” and hone “individual” (dancer) timing skill within a group class environment. 

As precision timing (Learning Method 1) is especially critical to the elegant fusion of dance and acrobatics, all AcroJazz classesand AcroBallet classes ; as well as all classes conducted as part of the Acro-Immersion program, use “Learning Method 1” teaching techniques and technology.

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Method 2 Traditional, Discipline Specific, Group Instruction

Our instructors teach groups of students via regularly scheduled classes year round. Individual classes teach specific dance disciplines tailored to specific ages and skill levels.

  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Contemporary
  • Acro Dance
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Method 3 Private Instruction

Our studio is available 7 days a week for private instruction. Please call us any time at: (626) 991-4848 or (626) 991-4844 to book private instruction time. Private instruction is available for $57.00 per hour. Most often, our instructors use private instruction to teach new choreography to a student; of to polish choreographies for upcoming performances. Throughout the dance competition season, it is common for a single student to be coached via multiple teachers via multiple private training sessions; as students often benefit from multiple instructors' contrasting insights.

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Method 4 Dance Immersion and Acro Immersion is Available Now

Dance Immersion is a carefully integrated "Multi-Discipline" Dance Education (Program) for Intermediate and Advanced Dancers, Ages 10-18. Acro Immersion exploits the same teaching techniques and technology as Dance Immersion.

  • Immersion couples, (1) personalized, small group, learning team, instruction methods with (2) science and technology enabled instruction methods.
  • The teaching methods deployed via IMMERSION are intended to dramatically refine each dancer's (1) balance and (2) "dance to music" timing; both foundations of great dancing.
  • Dance Immersion will develop expertise in Ballet, Hip Hop, and Jazz.
  • Acro Immersion develops expertise in PRECISELY integrating dance acrobatics with Jazz, Ballet and Hip Hop.

IMMERSION Highlights:

  • A Maximum of 4 Students per class LEARNING TEAM
  • TWO instructors minimum per 4 student class
  • 90 Minutes of uninterrupted learning per class period
  • Learning via the latest teaching technologies; within our motion analysis studios.

Dance Immersion classes are available now. Call or visit our studio. We will be happy to answer all your questions regarding our "Dance and Acro Immersion Programs"

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Weekend, Indoor, Paint Ball Gaming and Training at a Dance Studio??  Are you Kidding??

We are NOT kidding.

Athletic Artist Training is one of the most technologically advanced, multi-purpose, training studios in Southern California

Yes, we study and teach dance, extensively.  Studying and refining dance skill is one “application” of our Studio’s technology; but regardless of “application,” we almost always use the studio’s technology to study student responses to audio, visual and tactile signals; and we specialize in measuring and refining student - motion "balance and timing"

We wanted to understand how to improve Paint Ball / Air Soft Athlete Performance.  That's right, we consider Paint Ball / Air Soft Gamers "Athletes." we built a Paint Ball Athlete Test Environment from scratch.... putting to use our knowledge of athletic motion timing and balance challenges.

The “environment” we built poses as many challenges to a player as his or her most worthy opponent.  It’s an environment, which can be fun and challenging for beginners and experts; and which can be fun and challenging for both younger and older players.

We even support slow motion video analysis of player performance.

We call our environment “Indoor, Close Quarters, Special Effects, Paintball.”  ....and it is fun....really fun.

If you are looking for a new, thrilling, safe, way to play or train….

Call 626-991-4844 for gaming and training (environment) availability and prices.

We provide everything you need to play or train safely.